Happy 9th RE-birth date to me, December 8th!!!!

Hey guys aka my God Brothers and Sisters! Hope you are doing well. Today I'd like to reflect upon the 9th anniversary of my brain stroke, aka Arteriovenous Malformation/AVM that happened just one week, after the birth of our very smart, talented and beautiful daughter, ZM. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on December 1, 2010 and then 7 days later, on the 8th, well you know the rest of the story from the "About RBTF" section on this site.

Anyway, I thank GOD everyday for my life. It's funny now that I look back over my past, I can now see the mistakes and mis-steps that I wish I wouldn't have done and could possibly change.  But since that's not possible, as there are NO do-overs "in this life," you just have to learn from those mistakes and "try" to do better next time. And if you're a slow learner, much like myself, "spiritually", you'll have to keep repeating "that" lesson until you pass it!  I am truly thankful for GOD giving me another chance, showing me grace and mercy as well as graciously deciding to leave me here to continue my life, but living for "HIM".

I realize that GOD doesn't need my help, but can and will use me as a tool whenever and wherever, to get HIS message across to the lost souls of this world who are walking in the dark. I'm elated to still be here and able to use my gifts and talents to serve HIM! Know that I've chosen to start following more closely in GOD's steps and seek HIS guidance "almost" daily. I'm not going to lie, cause I do not follow HIS guidance, all the time, but I now recognize how my allowing HIM to use me, is very much to my benefit to do so.

I give HIM all the props in the world for seeing something in me, that I didn't realize was there myself. Like many others, I believe we walk around without knowing our worth, our responsibility or how blessed we truly are! We are children of the most High GOD, and HE gives us as much grace and mercy as we need....daily!!!

Normally I spend today worshipping and praising GOD with my family but today we'll be going to see our now 9 year old daughter, ZM in her first pre-professional ballet performance in the "Nutcracker Suite"! For those who know me, know that I am an avid reader and having read recently in "God's Blueprint for Success" by Ray Stedman about this man, Bobby Richardson, an outsponken Christian and former NY Yankees second baseman who prayed this short and well versed prayer: "Dear Lord--Your will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Amen," so now I pray the same way.

Still blessed,

Renecia aka 

Refined By The Fires

"Being a Light in this Dark World"

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