Jesus is The Reason for The Season

Hey guys aka my God Brothers and Sisters! Hope you are doing well. *Update: Our daughter, ZM's performance as a BonBon, in the Nutcracker Suite on last Sunday was phenomenal and truly "a treat" as the cast did a wonderful job at both shows. Also her school had a great turnout for their dance on Friday as the students had a "ball," at their ball! Lol!!!

So now as we prepare for the final week of school, before the Christmas or "Winter" break, as they're now calling it. "We're making our lists, and checking them twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice", I come to explain the point of this blog entry, "Jesus Is the Reason for The Season".  Ever think how amazing it is that "the world" or Father of this world, aka the Devil, tries to take Christ out of everything, when "He is the reason for this season" that we are supposed to celebrate? It's become so commercialized and worldly. People have no respect of persons or love for one another.  We're not to love money and material things but Christ as He came into this world as an innocent baby, who knew no sin and grew up to become the sacrifice for sins we'd committed. Sound fair?!! Nope, not at all!!!

We should love one another and get along, like one, big,happy family. That's why we were put here, to love and get along with each other, as one body in Christ. We are all a part of God's body. Well with that said, I encourage you to love someone else this holiday season, to help somebody else out, donate to a charity, buy a stranger something, pay it forward instead of trying to buy yourself and/or your family everything on your or their lists. As one day you may just be the one, who needs something paid forward to. May you and yours have Merry Christmas! One Love!!!

Still blessed,

Renecia aka 

Refined By The Fires

"Being a Light in this Dark World"


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