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Good morning guys aka my God Brothers and Sisters! Hope you all are doing well today, in this never experienced before "pandemic" that our world is in the midst of right now, aka the Corona-Virus or COVID-19. Those who know me quite well, know that I'm usually a very opinionated and spiritual person, but since trying to apply my "Christian" values, I've had to refrain from being so outspoken on matters I know are highly controversial as to not cause "temperatures" to flare unncessessarily. 

I've recently noticed that before the stay-at-home mandate was issued by the government to try to slow the spread of this often deadly virus, I had no problem staying home.  But since I know that I can't just go out and do what I need to do, when I need to do it, is sooooooooo very hard. I'm sure you'll agree. However I know that God is not pleased with us, "His creation...mankind" and this often times "deadly virus", as unfortunate as that may be, is the punishment and unfortunately the good (Christians) must suffer with the bad (Non-Christians), hence the stay-at-home order. God has a way to get our attention and this is His way of raising His voice or putting His foot down if he were a man. A real "Can you hear me know?," moment!!!!.  As drastic as it may seem to some, God means business and will NOT be played with!!!! 

This is a wake up call to many, who don't follow Him and abide by His commands. Our world is under attack by it's own, Heavenly Creator, Himself, "God", people! He "made us and our world" and will "do what He wants to", as He sees fit and whenever He likes. I believe this is our punishment for many of the sins committed in this world. As a person who tunes in regularly to "The Weather Channel" at www.theweatherchannel.com, I invite you to please take a look-see and make a note of the things happening in addition to this deadly virus that is happening, "worldwide!"

Now what we have come to expect as "normal"depending on where you live in the world, there's "unusual" illnesses, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, Tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, hail storms, temperature changes, crop plaques and there has even been locust invasions overseas that will or can cause famines all happening at the same time! It's a scary time, like straight out of the Bible!!!!  I'm trying to keep from getting freaked out and have been praying alot more for peace in all his chaos, in addition to  reading my Bible more often. My prayers are for this entire world from down here in the seems to be, the forgotten state of "Louisiana" to across the entire world. I pray that we repent, as "one body of people" in the LORD and ask for forgiveness, then begin following God as we should've been all along.

Still blessed and virus free,

Renecia aka 

Refined By The Fires

"Being a Light in this Dark World"


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