About RBTF


Hello and welcome to our family owned online shop. Please allow me to introduce myself and give you a hint of my  back story. I am Renecia Bihms-Cullier, a Christian who is a blessed, caring, fun, loving, genuine friend and wife to Alex, mother of 4 — 3 daughters and 1 son and grandmother of 4 — also 1 grandson, granddaughters and soon to be another, but of which, we do not yet know!

 I've survived many setbacks, disappointments, and illnesses, but my most         "harrowing" story is about my being a survivor of an Arteriovenous Malformation/AVM or "brain stroke", that happened just 7 days, exactly 1 week after the birth of my 4th child on December 8, 2010. Know that I'd been in pre-mature labor for "several weeks" before her birth, and unbeknownst to my family or myself, I'd been born with an "inherited birth defect," as it ran on my mother's side of our family.  So I have to say that I am a living "miracle", because I'd lived my entire life, over 42 yrs to be exact, and having given birth to 3 other healthy children without knowing, but suffering from headaches for as far back as I can remember. I'd lived my entire life with a "ticking time bomb" in my head. I've also had several other family members who had strokes, "but", as in the Sanctified Conjunction, of our Pastor, Fred Luter, Jr. of  Franklin Avenue Baptist Church/FABC, would say, they didn't "live" to tell their story. Therefore, I am forever grateful and give all the glory and honor to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for choosing to leave me here!!!!

After having emergency, brain surgery, I experienced much anguish, confusion, frustration and "attempted" many deep thoughts during my hospital stay while doing extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. I kept asking myself, "Why me?!!!"  But the Lord asked, "Why not you?!!!" Despite it all, I'm truly thankful but believe in my heart that God made the choice to use me to lead others back to Him by using my story/testimony and skills as a graphic designer along with my other gifts, talents, experiences and resources.  Being an avid reader, I once read in "Change Your Shirt, Change Your World" by Vic Kennett, that a single t-shirt gets read on average 3,000 times in its lifetime, which is an amazing outreach, considering something as simple as: a "t-shirt". Which is why I decided to follow God's calling on my life and finally do His will, by being "the light" to guide others to Him in designing and selling Christian t-shirts.

So here I am, years later and elated to still be in "the land of the living with most of my capacities in working order". I realize that I am blessed to be able to use my talents, time and treasure and by my being an "Ambassador for Christ" as a "T-shirt Evangelist" who is able to share my testimony with others and live in the light. My husband and I both have creative gifts that allow us to design goods that represent God/Christ and our faith "visually" and sell those items on this platform. Having my husband assist in the designing and posting process is an added bonus for me, as I love working with him, but also because I am still disabled and things just aren't the way they used to be. I have several new normals that I'm still adjusting to, even after all of these years.

The merchandise we have available and sell on this site are for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to buy, wear and "go" out in the world (aka The Great Commission), with the intention to add to His kingdom. I give all the glory and praises to GOD for such gifts: our lives, the experiences we've each had, the people we've known, mixed in with our natural talents and skills that we now know, were given to us to prepare us for our present life assignment. God really uses everything in our lives, no matter how you don't necessarily see the items connect. HE has a view of our entire life from beginning to end and doesn't waste a thing, much like a big pot of a good "seafood gumbo"!!!!

Well thanks for letting me share a "piece" of my story with you and we thank you in advance for your purchase/support!!!!

Still Blessed,

Refined By The Fires...


Renecia B. Cullier

Using My Talents, Time and Treasures to

Worship Christ and help build His Kingdom,

by BE-ing a light!!!